Why are people volunteering to help EcoEngage?

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Many people are passionate about the environment and work in the bush and around their homes controlling predators, planting trees, protecting streams, doing bird counts. But they realise that if we are to succeed in making NZ pest free, we need to engage with more people. And to make this engagement easier. And to provide simple tools to help people look after their homes, their local parks and their workplaces.

To make this happen, people are joining the EcoEngage volunteer team to design and develop better systems that makes collaboration easier. And to help people adopt and use those systems.

Our group consists already of people with support, development, business process, reporting and other skills. One worked on the SMART system to coordinate game keeper data integration. Another works is trained in life sciences and works in computer aided learning. Another is a data analyst with GIS skills. Another worked in both business process analysis and project management. You don't need to have a high level of qualifications - just a passion to help contribute to developing better systems and sharing them widely.

Please share this message with friends and colleagues.

* Maybe they could spare a few hours a week?

* Do you know someone who retired recently and would love use their skills for good?

* Do you know a company that would like to help with some pro bono work or sponsorship?

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